Yoga swing

£75.00 £45.00

Doing yoga in the swing feels so good. Hang it by a beam or from a frame in your house and you may find it irresistible to jump in and do a few minutes yoga play. Or take it to the local park, hang it in a tree and do yoga like a monkey!

Ethically made in Bali.



Yoga goes to a new level with the yoga swing. Hanging upside down reverses the effects of gravity and allows more blood to flow to the head. It reduces acid accumulation, moves lymph fluid and detoxes the body.

Inversion also gives an excellent controlled workout to the muscles necessary for a healthy spine. The Yoga Swing helps to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles, creating a strong central core in the body which enables the entire bodily structure to become strong and unified. Strong back, abdominal and hip muscles enable us to resist gravity, hold us up, keep the spine and pelvis in alignment and allow fluid movement.

Using the Yoga Swing can begin reversing the flow of gravity without any special strength, balance or agility. Any level of flexibility or age will enjoy hanging in the Yoga Swing and flowing through different positions.

The Yoga Trapeze creates natural, bodyweight traction – the safest and most effective kind. What is traction? Traction is a term used by orthopedic and chiropractic doctors to describe the any treatment that pulls or lengthens the spine apart. Many back problems are due to gravity’s chronic downward pull on our bodies, free of gravity – the Yoga Swing reverses this.

Deep relaxation, stretching ,joy, pleasure, free play. aerial dancing, relaxation, yoga postures, body training, toning, anti-aging, adults and children alike love the yoga swing.

Watch these interesting videos to find out more about using and the benefits of these swings:

Using the yoga swing in the local park

Dr. Robert Cassar at Best Weekend Ever 2008 Yoga Swing Demo Part 1

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