Cyto-Biotic Active 50g


Cyto-Biotic Active is a probiotic powder containing nine strains of probiotic bacteria to help supplement all the fundamental bacterial populations in the gut. It is a very active prebiotic and probiotic supplement and ideal for use after a course of antibiotics and also to help with IBS type symptoms. It is suitable for men and women, including the elderly and children too. You simply add water to the recommended dose. It is suitable for vegetarians and for people with candida and yeast sensitivities.

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As well as probiotics, Cyto-Biotic Active also contains a small amount of inulin – a powerful prebiotic. The addition of the fructo-oligosaccharide Inulin to Cyto-Biotic Active makes it particularly useful for encouraging the probiotic bifidobacteria in the lower part of the intestine.

Active ingredients:
Inulin (fructo-oligosaccharides) plus a complex of 3 billion live bacteria (live viable dehydrated bacteria)

Non-Active Ingredients: Cornstarch, maltodextrin, vanilla powder.

Suggested Intake:
Adults & children over 12 years: One level teaspoon of probioitc powder.
Children aged 6-11 years: 1/2 level teaspoon.
Children aged 3-5 years: 1/3 level teaspoon.
This product is suitable for babies.

Stir the suggested dose into lukewarm spring water or other pure water, leave for about 10 minutes and drink on an empty stomach, preferably just before bedtime.

Suitable for vegetarians and for people with candida, yeast and lactose sensitivities. No contraindications.

Free From: GMOs, dairy, wheat; yeast, gluten; added sugars, colourings, flavourings & preservatives.

Keep cool, dry and out of direct sunlight; there is no need to refrigerate.

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