Chyapro 340g


ChyaPro™ is an amazing and delicious rejuvenative botanical formula made to an ancient Ayurvedic recipe called chyavanprash. It contains over 30 herbs, all of which are specially grown in India and prepared specifically for this formula. It replaces the formerly available Gold 360.

Ingredients: Jaggery, amla (fruit) (phyllanthus emb.), unheated honey, ghee, coconut oil, curcuma ang. (rhizome),       piper lon. (fruit), gmelina arb. (bark), aegle mam. (fruit), adhatoda bed.(whole), premma ser. (leaf), boerhaavia dif. (whole), solanum mel. (whole), fritillaria roy. (bulb), terminalia che. (fruit), sida rho. (root, stem), psudarthria vis. (root), atylosia goi. (fruit), lilium pol. (bulb), malaxis acu. (pseudobulb), malaxis mus. (pheudobulb), polygonatum mul. (rhizome), prumus cer. (fruit), inula rac. (root, stem), kaempferia gal. (rhizome), ipomoe pan (root), tinospora cor. (stem), kaempferia rot. (root), asclepias cur. (root), stereospermum sua. (bark), oroxylum ind. (root, bark), desmodium gan. (bark), solanum xan. (whole),  trinulus ter. (fruit), cyperus rot. (root), phaseolus tri. (leaf), phyllanthus nir. (whole), holostemma ada. (root), vitis vin. (fruit), elettaria car. (seed), cinnamomum zey. (bark), mesus fer. (fruit), cinnamomum tam. (leaf)