Are you often tired? Has your skin and hair lost that glow? Often our body is simply too acidic because acids are formed in the metabolism due to poor diet and stress. The alkaline minerals in Alkaline Infusion have a neutralising effect so that your body regains its natural balance and reveals a more luminous and healthy body.

Indulgent sweetness and flavours of citrus and sherbet. Delicious to drink on its own with water, or as the base of a green juice or smoothie, this is a sweet treat for fruity lovers alike.

A balancing blend of alkalising minerals and fruit powders

KIKI’s Alkaline Infusion contains:
•Lemon-juice powder
•Inulin (34%)
•Potassium citrate
•Calcium citrate
•Magnesium citrate
•Natural aroma
•Vitamin C
•Bamboo powder
•Acerola cherry powder


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