After many years researching what takes us into our natural state of happiness I came to the conclusion that our interactions with the plant world and nutrition that we can obtain from plants are absolutely key elements. The plants that we are naturally designed to eat, even fruits, have undeniable effects on our neural system and the way we experience life. Psychoactive plants, used in a considered way, have been an intrinsic part of the human journey.

Unfortunately, during our journey as the human species, we have veered off track of naturally happy lifestyles in many ways. It’s as if, in today’s world, we have forgotten what makes us happy and healthy, and what our true needs and nature are. Or the world does not support them. It’s understandable that many humans are now self-medicating with chemical substances as well as artificially processed plant chemicals just to get through the day. Because these substances are just substitutes for what people really need, they never quite get anyone to where they want to go. They put their systems out of balance, so they can lead to addiction. Addiction can be defined a person’s uncontrollable attachment to the use or abuse of any substance or activity.

Healing miracles in our time.
I have set up just set up a new website  to share knowledge of the incredible healing power plants, nutritionally and medicinally. It is focused on the unique healing plant medicine, ibogaine, because of ibogaine’s unique powers to reset the biochemistry of brain and give an individual a fresh start. In particular it is ibogaine’s power as an addiction interrupter that has given it a growing reputation for giving people their lives back. Freeing people from compelling but harmful behaviour.
We are reaching out to those people caught up in the cycles of addiction and trauma and also loved ones who are trying to help. Addiction can not only be to substances if course, but to all kinds of activities and behaviours. This site is intended to be a resource for dealing with addiction and healing trauma in general, by a variety of means.

I believe that everyone is searching for a real sense of connection and being alive. All my work, at Food for Consciousness, and elsewhere is about  learning how to gain a vibrant sense of connection to life in a healthy, happy and sustainable way. Addiction is increasing rapidly in the modern world and the classic treatments of rehab and meetings are not achieving the success rates people had hoped. It seems that a situation has arisen in the world that really can only be healed with plant medicines. This is spoken about in world mythologies, for example in the Huichol tradition of Mexico, good plant medicines are brought in to replace the bad drugs. There is much beauty in the process. You can rise from a state of quiet desperation to a vantage point beyond even that you had imagined – and sustain it, and live from it.

The rest of this post is extracted and edited from an article I wrote for Funky Raw magazine.

20 years of psychotherapy in one night

In the early sixties the addiction interrupting properties of ibogaine were discovered by accident, so the story goes, by a New York heroin addict, Howard Lotsof. He went on to be one of the pioneers in spreading the word about its power to heal in this way. I will go on shortly to make the crucial distinction between using iboga root and extracted ibogaine. Amazing as it is that ibogaine will interrupt many addictions, its greater value is the way it also deals with the underlying trauma that underlies most addictions. This is the beauty of ibogaine. It not only interrupts addiction and withdrawal symptoms but deals with the root causes. It’s true that there are cases where people become addicted to presscription medications and just need some help to kick the habit and in these cases ibogaine can do its work of comfortably lifting this dependence.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance. During an ibogaine session, after ingesting the medicine, the patient enters into a dream like state and encounters visions. They experience a clearer view of life events which enable them to come to terms with them and move on. They may experience other guidance. At the same time there is a brain reset. Opiate and neurotransmitter receptors are normalised for a new start.

Interestingly, nicotine is an addiction that is, more often than not, not shifted although it happens in about 40% of cases. It is one of the most addictive substances known, but, to be honest it is not the priority for most people coming for treatment. The director of the ibogaine centre I visited tells how, after an ibogaine session, smokers will often light a cigarette even if it makes them nauseous at first, simply because they want to smoke, their primary addiction having been dispensed with. On the other hand, there is a very high percentage success rate with alcohol and other drugs.

Ibogaine versus iboga

As described, iboga is the name of a visionary and healing central west African plant. Ibogaine is the chief therapeutic constituent found in the root of this planet. The question often arises in holistic circles whether it would be better to use the complete root of the plant rather than an extracted constituent. It is true that there are other active ingredients in the iboga root but there are also a lot of toxins. And do we really know what the other chemicals are and what they do? In the case of milder doses for some kind of shamanic journey, iboga root may be a choice for some. In larger unmeasured doses it is not without risk. Even for psychotherapeutic use it is wise to measure the dose. In the context of the modern world, many of our problems, for example with manufactured drugs, are far from being natural ones; we are well off that path. Extracting the ibogaine from the iboga plant not only eliminates toxins but enables a measured dose to be given, to achieve the best results. The highest quality extracted ibogaine known as ibogaine hcl is produced by only one company which is located in Canada. They supply only to approved practices. By using this it can be certain that it is genuinely pure medical grade ibogaine.

To deal with an immediate and serious problem such as drug addiction it is essential to generate what is called a ‘flood dose’ in order to push out artificial opiates and other foreign chemicals out and restore natural opiate functioning in the brain. The dose must be neither too small nor too large. It is based on the patient’s weight and is precisely measured. The medicine is put into a number of capsules for the patient to swallow shortly after which the visions will begin. In this way ancient wisdom meets modern medicine.

Ibogaine treatment is a medical procedure

A nonjudgemental and nurturing environment is an important quality in a clinic; this is medical not ‘rehab’ as we hear of it. On this note, proper precautions should be in place. Ibogaine treatment is very safe as long as it is done properly. Tests need to take place prior to treatment to ensure that heart and liver functioning are healthy. Also there needs to be a supervised wait beforehand to make sure that no substances that could be dangerous in combination with ibogaine are in the system. In the case of drug addiction withdrawal symptoms can be lessened by using fast acting substances that leave the system quickly, such as morphine, so that it’s safe to take the ibogaine. Once treatment begins, dependence on morphine and any other drug is over of course. A licensed medical facility with a resident medical doctor can procure necessary medicines legally. Interestingly some patients start to voluntarily detox before even arriving’ maybe with help on the horizon and sense of purpose to heal this becomes possible.

Ibogaine is the best solution in the world we know of for these kinds of issues

Modern life, with its stress, unnatural living conditions, broken communities, negative media, and junk foods and medicines seems to be causing increasing trauma. There is a growing and pressing drugs problem in most countries of the world. Without going too much into the politics of the situation, it’s tragic to see young people, many of whom are struggling to fit into an insane society, be brought down this way. The proposed solutions to drug addiction are equally horrifying. In Britain for example the solution for heroin addiction is to substitute methadone, an even more addictive drug which takes longer to leave the system. Meetings are offered which no doubt many people find tiresome to attend. Classic rehab is notoriously expensive and seldom effective. Frankly treatments of this kind remind me of everything about our society that makes people want to take drugs in the first place. Ibogaine is emerging as the best solution in the world to this problem, what’s more it’s the natural solution.

Is Ibogaine a panacea?

Yes and no. It certainly reliably shifts most addictions and does the work of years of psychotherapy. Finding a way of living in a world that often does not readily meet human needs and desires and that interrupts our mental processes in an unnatural way, is a challenge that we all face, and we all deal with in our own unique way. This is one reason we are sharing the most relevant knowledge we know of about human nature and how to meet our needs.

Exercise particularly walking in fresh air, fresh natural wholesome nutritious food, plenty of good quality water, relaxation in nature, connecting to the natural electricity of the earth and so forth are basic physical needs. Our mental patterns can make or break us too. We need to let the past go , enjoy what we have now and look to the future where all the opportunities wait for us. It’s so important to have a vision and dreams, a worthwhile sense of purpose, and achievable goals that reflect these. Working step by step towards these goals is immensely fulfilling. Delayed gratification, i.e. work before pleasure actually keeps dopamine levels healthier. Life is not always easy but it’s worth it. It is is a precious gift and we live on a beautiful planet. My daily comfort is in the knowledge that there is divine intelligence and renewing power in the life-force and we can tune into it.

If you would like to speak in private about ibogaine healing for addiction or trauma you call call me on 0117 230 7666. I can advise on the considerations in choosing whether to go for this treatment and the best places to find it. If I am not immediately available please leave your number and a good time to call you back. Or you can use the contact form on

wishing you every happiness

Holly Paige

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