Women’s grounding sandals – Black



High quality conductive footwear that grounds the wearer in comfort and style.

This is the latest generation grounding footwear, with a contoured footbed that is fully conductive across the whole sole.  It is made of a specially developed TerraMater Footwear® material that gives full surface grounding for the foot (earlier grounding footwear designs used a carbon ‘plug’ in the middle of the sole).  They are effective on most outdoor surfaces, such as grass, earth, sand or concrete.

The comfortable and elegant strap comes in a choice of 3 matt colours: silver, black or gold.  Click on the images on the left to enlarge.

Contoured grounding footbed with full surface conductivity
TerraTread™ high traction sole
Durable TerraMater Footwear® material
Fully washable (with soapy water)
High quality, made in USA

Please refer to the table below to choose the correct size:

Size     UK     Europe     USA     Australia     Foot Length
S         2-3    34-35.5   4.5-5.5     3-4          217-225mm
M     3.5-4.5  36-37.5     6-7     4.5-5.5        229-238mm
ML      5-6     38-39     7.5-8.5     6-7           242-250mm
L      6.5-7.5  40-42       9-10     7.5-8.5       255-263mm


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