Vitamin D3 Serum 0.46 fl oz


As the height of the sun lessens during winter in latitudes far from the equator, the angle of the suns rays is too low to shine UVB onto our skins and produce the hormone vitamin D in this way. The ensuing deficiency is now thought to be connected to a myriad of diseases and ailments. The consumption of unpasteurised dairy products, where the D3 was undamaged by heating and also contact with the lanolin from handling sheep and their wool were examples of traditional ways of topping up with D3. Nowadays for various reasons such as changed lifestyles D3 deficiency can easily happen. This can occur even in summer due to indoor living and it is also important to be aware that the darker your skin, the more sunshine is needed to produce D3 so the more likely you are to get deficient in northern latitudes.

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Vitamin D3 is sometimes known as the sunshine vitamin and is documented to increase levels of happiness

This D3 is derived from the lanolin of sheep’s wool. The farmers do not have organic certification for the product but in producing this D3 is that they do not start with lanolin that was extracted using harsh chemical solvents like hexane (very typical in commercial d3 production). It is in an innocuous olive oil base and is a very elegant way to ensure you get much needed D3 for all ages. The product is from Premier Research Labs who are renowned for their scrupulous quality control whereby their products contain absolutely zero as they say toxic tag alongs.

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