Sangre De Drago – The liquid bandage 1oz



Medicinal jungle tree sap from South America as one of the most versatile and important rain forest remedies. Recent research has revealed Sangre de Drago to be high in antioxidant proanthocyanidens (pycnogenol) and a host of beneficent alkaloids. It is traditionally used internally for ulcers, haemorrhage, for diarrhoea, as blood cleanser and as general tonic. 5-10 drops diluted in water or juice is drunk once a day. It’s usefulness as an external remedy is unsurpassed. It can be applied directly or rubbed into a froth that will seal the skin, drying as an antiseptic ‘liquid bandage’ for speedy wound healing. Perfect for areas like hands and fingers where cuts keep opening and no bandage will stay put. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, a topical painkiller and anti-inflammatory. Excellent for insect bites, rashes, acne, all forms of skin problems and haemorrhoids. The phenanthrene alkaloid taspine and the lignan dimethylcedrusine is thought partially responsible for Sangre de Drago’s amazing ability to accelerate wound healing 10-20 times! A few drops in water is also used for mouthwash which is claimed to be very beneficial to the teeth and gums. Modern studies have confirmed nearly all traditional applications and shown Sangre de Drago to be beneficial for immune disorders. It also makes a beautiful natural red-brown dye.

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