Rock Rose Pollen, Organic, fresh-frozen – 250g


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Natural source of Vitamin B1
Natural source of Selenium.

Aristée Organic Bee Pollen by Pollenergie  is derived by using pollen harvested from wild flowers grown in areas far away from heavy crop spraying. The pollen is eventually packed with nitrogen in sealed containers and frozen.

Fresh pollen deteriorates quickly in air at ambient temperature, and drying it causes it to lose many of its nutritional properties. That is why Pollenergie has perfected an exclusive preservation technique for its Aristee pollens.

The pollen is frozen immediately after harvest and then packaged in a protective gas.

A double preservation process that preserves all of its nutritional value.

Pollen may be frozen and defrosted without significant deterioration. This is due to its low water content.

Product of France.


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