Raw: Your Biggest Questions Answered

12 of the world’s leading raw food experts

The biggest questions regarding the raw diet and lifestyle together in one book for the first time.

The experts
•Elaine Bruce
•Dr Brian Clement
•Dao Earl
•Dr Douglas Graham
•Thomas Lodi, M.D.
•Paul Nison
•Holly Paige
•Frederic Patenaude
•Natalia Rose
•Jasmine Scalesciani
•Tonya Zavasta

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Just some of the questions that we asked, and they answered
* Do you recommend transitioning to raw rapidly or taking it slowly?
* Do you agree or disagree with the statement that you can get so many of the benefits of being 100% raw on a diet that is 100% whole foods and 80% raw that there is no need to go 100% raw unless that is your preferred choice?
* Please list the 10 factors you believe are most important to health, and rank them in order.
* Do the enzymes in raw foods really help to digest those foods?
* Where is the proof that the life force in foods influences our life force?
* Is the vegan diet our optimal diet?
* What do you think of the “metabolic” typing theory which states that there is no ideal diet for everyone?
* How much fruit do you think we should consume for optimal health, and why?
* Is it possible to eat a 100% raw diet that is low in fruit without eating too much fat?
* Should people with cancer avoid fruit?
* Is it true that the sugar in fruit accelerates the aging process?
* What are your top tips for handling the “emotional detox” many go through when they go raw?
* Some raw fooders report that going raw increased their sex drive and others say the opposite. Do you think going raw is more likely to have a positive or negative effect on this area of life versus consuming the standard diet, and why?
* Are sprouted grains a healthy and/or essential part of a raw diet, or are they best avoided?
* Do you believe that concentrated, processed sugar in any form is healthy – including agave syrup, yacon syrup and other sweeteners marketed as such?
* What’s your take on the persistent rumours that neither agave syrup nor cacao are ever truly raw?
* Is salt either healthy or essential?
* Processed salts are around 99% sodium chloride and unprocessed salts around 84%, so are they really that different?
* Some people say that blending makes nutrients more accessible than chewing, and some say that nutrients are lost in the blending process? What is your opinion?
* Can we thrive on fewer calories on an optimal raw diet?
* Which 10 foods do you eat most of?
* Could you outline an optimal day’s food intake?
* Is it true that we need less water in order to stay hydrated when we eat a water-rich raw diet? Or is the water in raw foods, and even in juices, no substitute for drinking water?
* Please outline your position on colonics and the reasons for it. For example, do you consider colonics either healthy or necessary?
* Can we meet all our nutrient needs on an optimal raw diet or do we need supplements?
* Do you believe it is possible to raise a child on a raw vegan diet without supplements?
* Tooth decay seems to be more common among raw vegan children than among other groups of children with health-and-nutrition-conscious parents. Why do you think this is the case?
* If the cooked food diet is so bad, how come so many people are healthy eating it and living to be in their 80s or 90s?
* Many raw fooders seem unhealthier than people who eat cooked food – why is that?
* How come the world’s longest-lived people include cooked and non-vegan foods in their diets and if the raw vegan diet is our natural diet, why is there no raw vegan civilization anywhere on earth?
* Is there such thing as “mucoid plaque”?
* Water fasting versus juice fasting: which do you consider (a) the safest and (b) the most effective, and why?
* And many more questions.
Note: Although some panelists answered all questions and most questions have answers by all or most panelists, please be aware that not every question is answered by every panelist.

The book
1. Questioning the raw diet
2. Enzymes and life force
3. Questioning the vegan diet
4. How much fruit is too much?
5. Living foods
6. Cacao and sweeteners
7. Salt: harmful or essential?
8. Juicing and blending
9. What to eat, how much to eat
10. Water
11. Cleansing and detox
12. Supplements
13. Raising children raw
14. Going raw, staying raw
15. Holistic health
16. Other frequently asked questions

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