Raw Generation DVD


This DVD was made back in 2008 and is back in stock by request. A bit of a madcap project and family keepsake it has inspired others and proved a useful source of information for parents – also fun for children to see other children enjoy raw food and nature.
From ‘Get Fresh! magazine:
‘A though provoking description of the holistic lifestyle led by raw nutrition expert Holly Paige and her children…The children are home-schooled and eat an all-raw diet and in this “through the keyhole” look at their lives we see the family sourcing the finest natural ingredients in their home town…planting a fig tree and gathering wild greens in the woods. Holly demonstrates the recipes she makes every day and also shares her in-depth knowledge of the effects of different foods on brain chemistry. A charming depiction of a family living an alternative lifestyle, and an informative and inspiring guide for anyone interested in experimenting with such a lifestyle.’