Raw Food and Consciousness Article

In this article in Get Fresh! Magazine Spring 2010, Holly Paige explores new theories about the link between nutrition and brain chemistry, and share tips for reaching our highest potential.

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You only have to open a newspaper or turn on the news to see that there is an awful lot of dysfunction in the world. Connecting the dots between neurology, anthropology, plant biology and mythology and , it becomes evident that humans once lived in – and could again live in – a very different state of consciousness to the one we consider normal today.

A nutritionally dense diet including ample undamaged (i.e. raw) amino acids, fatty acids and fruit compounds is one of the step towards rebuilding the brain or “lens of consciousness” to a level where we could again be habitually living with the awareness and sense of wellbeing normally associated with “peak states”. The implications are absolutely profound and radical for humanity, yet these conclusions bear scientific scrutiny and are attracting support from hardcore academics

Much of the research has been put together by UK consciousness researcher Tony Wright. The 2007 publication of Wright’s book Left in the Dark coincided with his going without sleep for over 11 days. He publicly attributed his ability to stay awake for long periods to his “primate-like” raw food diet. The ideas that Tony Wright has come up with can seem at first such a tangent from our normal understanding that they take a little while to grasp. However, when the penny drops we see enormous hope for humankind – and also begin to better understand many of the strange anomalies around us.

The main premise is that humans evolved to their highest potential in tropical forests where a powerful cocktail of biochemicals found in our predominantly fruit diet pumped through our bodies 24 hours a day. This led to an expansion of consciousness unrivalled before or since. In Wright’s words we live “in a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy”…

Read the rest of this article in Get Fresh! Magazine Spring 2010 – To purchase click here (price £3.95 printed copy or £2.97 e-magazine).

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