Pine nut flakes (raw wild harvested)


INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, wild harvested, cold pressed by wooden press Cedar Nut Flakes. May contain cedar nut film a rich source of silicone. Not processed
Does not contain sugar, preservatives, chemical colorants or additives

Does not contain GMO

Rich source of Natural Protein.

Keep Refrigerated.



The flakes of the cedar nut are obtained by pressing the cedar nut oil from the kernel of the cedar nut. In contrast to the whole cedar nut, cedar nut flakes are distinguished by their increased proportional content of vitamins, trace elements and plant proteins owing to the reduction of the fat content. In the processing of pressing the cedar nut oil, 10-16% of the cedar nut oil is retained in the flakes.

The protein in the flakes made from the kernel of the cedar nut surpasses an ideal protein in its content of histidine, methionine, cysteine and tryptophan, and has a well balanced composition. The carbohydrate composition of the kernel of the cedar nut is represented by polysaccharides – starch, cellulose, pentosans, dextrins and water soluble sugars – glucose, fructose, sucrose and raffinose. According to the results od medical research, a similar protein facilitates the dissolving of harmful cholesterol in the blood and also prevents the formation of cancer cells.

The lecithin contained in the cedar nut flakes is a basic chemical substance for the formation of the intercellular space, the normal functioning of the nervous system and the healthy activity of brain cells. Lecithin in essential for the organism as a building material for the renewal of damaged cells. Lecithin is also the basic transport substance for the delivery of nutrients for the cells.

Lecithin makes up to 50% of the liver, 1/3 of the myelin insulating and the protective tissues that surround the cerebrum and spinal cord. Lecithin is a powerful antioxidant and prevents the formation of highly toxic free radicals in the organism.

Flakes made from the kernel of the Siberian cedar nut contain a high quantity of mineral substances – up to 5%, which are represented by a specific set of macroelements and trace elements. There is a high content of phosphorous and magnesium. Only 100g of cedar nut contains the human daily requirements of magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and cobalt. Of special interest is the cedar nut as a natural source of iodine. The daily requirement of iodine is 0.1 – 0.2mg, and the cedar nut oil conations on average 0.577mg/kg of iodine.

The importance of the flakes with regard to vitamins is characterized by thepresence of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, the most basic of which are vitamin F, the tocopherols, thiamine and riboflavin.

The use of cedar nut flakes is recommended:

for ulcerous conditions of the stomach and duodenum

in increased acidity and gastritis

in pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis

in nervous disorders

in diseases of the kidneys

in diseases of the thyroid gland related to an insufficiency of iodine

in blood and lymph diseases

in malnutrition and emaciation

Cedar nut flakes should definitely be present in the food allowance of pregnant women, children and breastfeeding mothers – for lactation. In olden times, when milk was completely absent, children were fed with a mixture prepared from cedar nut flour. Cedar nut flakes are natural protein and are extremely suitable for athletes to increase muscle mass.

The flakes have a pleasant nutty taste and aroma, are easily digested, and can include particles of the membrane of the cedar nut pericarp, which is rich in potassium.

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