Ormus Heart Elixir 100ml


Ormus’ origins go far back in history to the high societies of Ancient Egypt and Biblical times. Ormus was thought to enhance spiritual growth and bring physical immortality. Every evolved ancient civilisation makes a reference to it and they named it Manna, the The Holy Grail, The Fire of Life, Philosophers Stone, Bread of Life.

Research, done up til now, has concluded that Ormes are newly discovered super-conducting elements, which eventually should be included in the already existing scientific periodic table. Ormes are present in many biological systems (plants, the soil, ocean water) and may enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell. Nowadays, Ormus is believed to have miraculous benefits on the body, mind and spirit.

In the 1970s a farmer named David Hudson discovered strange materials on his land. After extensive research, he has called these materials “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatonic Elements” (ORMEs). Ormus is also known as; monotomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, m-state elements, AuM, microclusters, Manna and the Philosopher’s stone.

As a superconductor, it increases the self-regeneration of your body and energy-system, this results in a wide range of positive effects;
More energy and focus, increased awareness and clarity, increased spiritual “connectedness”, opening up of the psychic centers, fast detoxing of the body of harmful toxins, faster thought manifestation, dream lucidity, accelerated healing, overal raising of your vibrational frequency, anti-aging characteristics, aids intestinal tract, absorption of food particles
, promotes healthy immune system function, aids in meditation, concentration, gives energy, removal of bad calcium build-up (topical application), restructuring of water, naturally contains high levels magnesium (most people are defient in magnesium), giving various health benefits, promotes healthy blood sugar, promotes healthy cellular PH balance, promotes healthy DNA & RNA

People are different, and so are our needs.
Some people sense can sense a lot, other people don’t feel the effects. It works none-the-less. With Ormus you have to use your intuition on how much feels good for you to take. Be aware of your thoughts and emotional state as they are magnified by Ormus. Also one should be aware that Ormus taken with other substances will magnify the effects.
It is suggested to have an intention as you take in the Ormus in order to direct the energy. (e.g. in what kind of flow you’d like to go into the next coming hours) Taken at night; for some people dreams become more vivid and lucid, for others it can prevent sleep. So this is how much we can differ.

A single “shot” can give you a temporary high, or get you into a detox mode. (mostly when you first start taking Ormus) in that case, drink a lot of water! Effects can be hearing high frequencies and getting into an higher altered state of awareness. You can take Ormus over longer periods of time as a nutritional supplement.

Shake bottle well before use! 1/4 to 1 teaspoon
 taken in the morning is prefered. (Only use a wooden or the provided plastic spoon! No metal.) You can take more during the day. You can increase the dose as you feel comfortable with.

Store in the given metalic bag (alternative is to use several layers of aluminium foil or a tin can) to protect against EMF-waves from phones and wifi and such. No need to refrigorate, temperatures between 1 and 22 degrees Celcius should be fine. Keep out of direct sunlight and electrical appliances.
NOTE: If you travel by plane and go through Xrays it is advised to buy the golden Sanciam sticker to prevent Ormes from leaving the bottle. The golden sticker on the bottle has the unique quality to protect against al EMF waves as well as charging and restructuring the liquid inside.

Ingredients: Super-conductive mono-atomic gold / silver / platinum group & other essential minerals (condensed from Dead Sea salt), distilled water, source water, colloidal gold, colloidal silver, selection of Bach flower essences, gemstone elixirs, vibrationally charged with energy, intentions and sound frequencies.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is not a drug. This product is intended to supplement the subtle energy of the mind and body with Chi derived from natural and organic sources.


Ormus is alchemicaly extracted from salts and contains minerals and metal-elements in bio-available form. Taken in orally (1 to 2 tsp daily) it improves brain function, physical performance and conductivity of energy in your body. Resulting in a continual growth in higher levels of consciousness and self-regeneration of the physical body.

Effects: Often Ormus ingestion can be felt directly and lasts about 7 hours. Ormus aids in feeling more connected, centred, energised and alert which has positive affects on your performance (physical or mental), thought patterns, feelings and thus behaviour in a positive way.

Ormus Heart Elixir is created with the intention to support you into living from the heart. Apart from the heart organ, the energetic space of the heart has an intelligence that far-outreaches the brain. The heart brings you back to your true self, your feelings and emotions, to love and compassion for the world around you and into self-love. In general this space has been neglected, as society is predominantly mind-based. Often there are obstacles in the way before we can reach our heart center, and it can be a learning process to get there. Ormus Heart Elixir assists in a vibrational homeopathic way.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Ormus is a white-coloured liquid, almost neutral in taste. Effects can be best noticed if you are in a quiet environment and have the possibility to consciously feel the effects. / The 50ml bottle should provide a months daily intake. / Ormus Heart Elixir comes in an Ultraviolet bottle, plastic spoon and (easy to use) metallic stand-up bag.
KEYS: communication, relationships, connection to emotions, love and compassion for oneself and environment
AIDS IN:  body’s self regeneration (therefor anti-aging), opening, cleansing and strengthening your energy system (aura, meridians/nadi’s), improving energy flow/chi/prana/life-force energy, improvement of physical and mental performance, dream lucidity


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