Ultimate Neuro-Regenerative Nutrition One Day Masterclass Saturday 12th January Devon

£95.00 £85.00

Book before 15th December to get early bird price of £85.

This is an experiential life-changing hands-on class. You will walk away able to implement what you have learned right away, beyond anything you can learn from books or on-line!

Please email with any questions you may have. On booking, you will be given directions to the class which is in beautiful mid-Devon and accessible via public transport.

In this highly informative, comprehensive and empowering class, you will learn:

  • Food, supplements and herbs that regenerate your neural system, supply ideal brain fuel and activate brain chemistry, to lift mood, think more clearly and feel the inspiration you want in your life.
  • Foods to avoid if you don’t want brain fog or low energy.
  • How to enhance your cognitive abilities, perception,  ongoingly, sustainably, functionally and productive whilst feeling at your best. Nutrition and lifestyle practices to optimise your study and work achievements.
  • Waking up refreshed after up to two hours sleep than you are used to.
  • Overcoming anxiety, low points and depression.
  • Maintaining ideal weight – some tricks that are not well-known.
  • Easy and effective body cleansing techniques, including heavy metal removal to clear your mind, optimise your microbiome and enhance your life.
  • Are you getting enough of all the minerals you need?
  • Are you getting the essential fatty acids you need?
  • The optimal biological diet of our species in the context of the human story and origins.
  • Incorporating raw food nutrition into your lifestyle, affordably, conveniently and in a socially adaptable way,
  • Delicious recipe creation for long-term success with healthy eating.
  • Fermented foods including kefir, how they help your body and brain chemistry and how to make them
  • The plant medicines. how they help and recommended places for the best experiences.
  • Nutrition, herbs and minerals for great hair and skin.
  • Brain hygiene to eliminate toxins
  • Gluten’s effect on the brain
  • Optimising microbiome to optimise brain health
  • Recovering from brain trauma
  • Three fuels your brain needs
  • Protecting yourself from Alzheimer’s
  • Balancing female hormones
  • Fitness to maintain your brain and neural system
  • Brain supplements and nootropics
  • ow glycemic juicing
  • Sleep optimisation techniques
  • Your questions answered
  • And more!


Teacher, Holly Paige   

Holly is passionate about our potential as humans to live ongoingly in states we would currently describe as peak states. Her work centres around discovering and sharing lifestyle practices that support a deep sense of well-being and fulfilment. She has been teaching natural and neuroregenerative nutrition and lifestyle in a very practical way. for nearly twenty years, ever learning and growing and sharing what she learns. She founded Food for Consciousness as an information resource and supplier of supernutritious foods and herbs.

‘Living in the Life Force is the expression I use to describe an incredible feeling of connection and inspiration that we can experience no matter what other challenges face us. The life force feeds our lives even when worldly circumstances don’t seem to. Yet there are very deliberate actions we can take in order to sustain this connection at every level. It’s the synergistic combination of approaches and consistency that give results.I am inspired by the knowledge that we humans are equipped to live ongoingly in deeply connected states, whilst enjoying the full gamut of human experience. Ultimately we have the potential as humans to ongoingly experience a sense of well-being now usually associated with peak states – ‘in a benign state of perpetual wonder and joy’. We have the capacity to feel youthful whilst continually developing our potential for our entire lives. We can rediscover how to live like this. Our DNA still retains the information and we have the knowledge to begin.’ Holly Paige

What some of our attendees have said:

I feel so excited about this new lifestyle and food style. It’s incredibly tasty, nutritious and alive with probiotics and enzymes. I thoroughly dislike dairy products, but the kefir and chocolate cheesecake we learned on this course is barely recognisable as dairy. Delicious! Mia, Glastonbury

Fermentation Fetish is a wonderful day in Holly’s house making and eating delicious healthful fermented foods. It was so informative, inspiring and fun. I’ve been eating raw and some fermented food for a while, but haven’t bee to adventurous. It felt so good to be a student with Holly showering us with her knowledge and excitement about healthy eating and fermented foods. I feel excited, inspired and equipped to go away and eat and feel better. I feel like I made a connection with family today. Stuart, London

Learnt loads and feeling ready to get started with raw fermentation projects. Explored many ways how and why fermentation could be part of my life. The demonstrations and explanations were easy to follow and enjoyable. Cannot recommend highly enough. A wonderful learning experience with wonderful people. Thank you so much! Bee, Hampshire

I really enjoyed this class with Holly who was attentive and open to sharing her extensive knowledge on fermenting and raw healthy foods in general. The course was a delight from start to finish with plenty of treats to try as well as time to ask questions and take notes. I feel less intimidated by fermenting in general and am looking forward to getting started. Thank you. Nicolas, Spain

Saturday is resonating in my life like a brilliant new song I heard on the radio! Holly was so welcoming and open and I learnt so much. On a health level, the food and drink we were offered were so high vibrational that I felt amazing for a few days. I missed it the next day and would like to make steps towards incorporating some of the magic into our lives now. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and information. It was brilliant. Am inspired to make more ferments and play around with the kefir and invest in the smoothie goodness. I had expected a fermentation course but for it to be grounded in your experience of raw food health was such a bonus for me as I have such an interest in dietary health and had so many questions answered verbally or otherwise. Alex, Somerset

Thank you for very enlightening fermentation fetish day session we have attended last before last weekend. It resurrected some of information we had about fermentation from our childhoods which will enable us to return to these very healthy practices. In addition, it has equipped us with a lot of information, which we can now build on. Our first four jars of salsa and sour kraut with goji berries are already actively fermenting and we can not wait enough to taste it soon. Denise and Marek London, formerly Slovakia

Fabulously tasteful day – strawberry chocolate cheesecake was sublime – you’ve got to try it. Stella
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and sharing your amazing knowledge and experience with me. It was a fantastic and truly inspiring day. Natalie, Brighton

What a wonderful day. Craig, London.

I learnt so much. Gail, Monmouth

I had a great day, was inspired and learnt a lot. The tasters and food we had along the way were wonderful. My personal favourites were the kefir, Holly’s raw choc and smoothie we started the day with, though the salad and krauts were fab too. You definitely need a good notepad and might be a bit overwhelmed with new words if you haven’t dabbled in health through food before, but even so you would have tons of new info to go away with, look up on your own, and feel your way through. Holly is warm and welcoming and very giving. Lesley, Glastonbury

Fantastic day! Have learnt so much. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge. Catherine, Lymington

Really good, very informative, presented well. Lesley

A thoroughly educational and inspiring day. Enthused and excited about having a go myself. Gina

Super-friendly and relaxed approach with a desire to educate newcomers and the well versed. Very informative and highly recommended. Delicious samplers throughout the day. Mimi

Thank you both for such an interesting day I feel so excited coming away with such new ideas to make and learn. Your food was fab and your hosting was great too. I feel I understand so much more. So thanks again and I would recommend you both highly. Cherie

These guys hold a wide-open channel. For me, it wasn’t just information. There was some serious transmission of energies and frequencies in the room. I could feel my consciousness expanding with the words that were shared. Dunstan, Bristol

Fantastic day! Have learnt so much. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge. Catherine, Lymington:.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel after you’ve booked, here are the refund details:
1. Cancellation up to two weeks before the event i.e. 80 per cent of your monies paid refunded, the rest goes towards admin and card charges
2.Cancellation two weeks before the event i.e. fifty per cent of your monies paid refunded, the rest goes towards admin and card charges, room bookings etc.
3. Cancellation on or after the Monday before the event i.e. none of your monies paid refunded due to hire of equipment,  purchasing of food etc as well as the charges above
Sorry we are unable to offer concessionary places.

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