Megahydrate 60 capsules



In recent decades it has become widely known that by simply hydrating the body many health issues can be overcome or avoided. Thus the hydration movement has come into being. It is known that people in regions such as the Hunza in Pakistan, Villacabamba in Ecuador, Badenbaden in Germany who drink healing waters at high altitudes have a tendency to live long healthy lives.

For over thirty years Dr. Patrick Flanagan studied the regions of the world where people live healthy active lives past the age of 100 years and discovered that their drinking water was almost identical and came from glaciers that had melted. This glacial milk is quite different to the water drunk in other parts of the world. The surface tension of glacial milk is much lower. This means that the water can be absorbed directly into the cells of the body much more easily whist waste material are removed more easily. For thousands of years, humans have trekked to the mountains and sea for physical, emotional, and spiritual replenishment. Dr.Flanagan discovered that the water from these regions contains massive quantities of negatively charged hydrogen ions. This fact has been confirmed by other scientists. Negatively charged ions have proven to be highly beneficial to the human organism.

MegaHydrate contains the active ingredient Silica Hydride, a compound known to positively affect the zeta potential of blood cells. Zeta potential is the electric potential, or charge, that exists in a hydrated particle and the surrounding solution. Zeta potential is an electrical charge that describes how far apart cells are. Greater zeta potential indicates more space between cells.Increased zeta potential has many positive health benefits. More zeta potential means more surface area for cells. Toxins,viral matter, fungi, and bacteria trapped between cells can be expunged more readily. More importantly, water enters cells more easily. Water is arguably the most vital component of antiaging, life extension, and the removal of free radicals and waste.

Megahydrate can help mitgate the effects of alcohol and caffeine, many people report a reduction in stress and pain .

MegaHydrate is a source of negatively ionized hydrogen which may be one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, neutralising all known free radicals recycling all known other antioxidants in nature and also increasing ATP production by 4 times. According to Dr. Patrick Flanagan, it also protects telomeres from damage during cell division, this stimulating telomerase and increasing the Hayflick limit in a comparatively inexpensive way.

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