Happy Hari Himalayan Spikenard Incense 10g 8 Sticks



100% Natural.

Hand rolled.

3-4 hours burning time.

Happy Hari’s Best Quality Special Hand-Rolled Incense Sticks are produced
in small Indian village industries and made to secret family recipes
handed down from generation to generation.

This precious incense from the Himalayas is known as ‘divine’ in Ayurveda and revered in the Bible. According to Christian Gospel, spikenard or ‘nard’ was the precious oil used by Mary Magdalene to annoint the feet of Jesus Christ. This was a time when one jar of oil was worth a years wages. We’ve used this oil, carefully blended with bakhoor and a little champa flower, to create a majestic stick to complement and even rival our famous Oudh.

Use these spikenard incense sticks to strengthen the mind and calm feelings of anger, jealousy and anxiety. It should help calm the nerves. Spikenard is also known to help with insomnia and restless sleep.

Be prepared for emotional, inner explorations when using these sticks for meditation and yoga practice.


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