Funky Raw Magazine 25 Autumn 2012


Issue 25 is the first Funky Raw magazine printed in full colour print throughout and we are very proud of Jasmine Barratt’s beautiful artwork on the cover. Jasmine is a young upcoming artist who specialises in capturing the magic of forest landscapes with a sense of that special light that we can experience in natural surroundings. You can find more of her artwork at

Kenny Sunshine and Holly Paige look at some key supplements that can really make the difference to our lives especially with regard to maintaining and regaining our youthfulness.

In this issue also there is a bumper selection of reviews including our recent raw food workshops in London. Note, from spring Holly and Kenny will be available again for talks and workshops on these subject matters.

Also articles on cucumbers, Glastonbury, festivals, toothpaste, recipes, being a shamanic raw food chef, conkers, nature, dolphins, poetry, simplifying your life and much more…

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