Cedar Wood Essential Oil 25ml


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The warm, sweet, woody-balsamic aroma of this oil wafts us away into the depths of centuries. The oil of the cedar tree creates an atmosphere of confidence and safety, respect and trust. This aroma gives rise to a unique sensation of comfort, soundness, and security all at the same time. The cosmetic effects of this oil were already well known to the cosmeticians and perfumers of ancient Egypt. This oil is the best substance for the care of any type of skin. The oil of the cedar tree helps in skin problems such as acne, neurodermatitis, eczema, and fungal lesions of the skin, it eliminates irritation, promotes the rapid healing of wounds. This oil will help to preserve the youthfulness of the skin for many years. It makes hair stronger and prevents its loss. Medicinal effect. The oil of the cedar tree improves the functioning of the respiratory organs, alleviates the state of health in cases of bronchitis and pneumonia. It has an anti-inflammatory effect in cases of cystitis and urethritis. Thanks to its antiseptic and analgesic properties, the oil of the cedar tree is useful in cases of inflammation of the joints, rheumatism, and osteochondrosis. It improves circulation, and has a general strengthening effect on the organism. The magical effect of the oil of the cedar tree is under the planetary influence of Uranus. From the most ancient times the cedar has been used for the construction of temples, its oil has been used to preserve and impregnate sacred papyruses; as a fragrance it is even now burned in Tibetan temples. This is one of the oils used for heightened meditations: the aroma of the cedar fills the spirit with a sensation of stability and safety, is conducive to reflection about eternal values. The oil of the cedar tree magically restores and preserves male potency. 100% natural, Wild harvested, No preservatives, No artificial ingredients, No GMO.

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