Blue green mangosteen potion 235ml with 100ml dropper bottle


This is another fabulous infusion of some incredible botanical substances from around the world that we think will provide much needed support in a world where we are dealing with various hazards to our immune system functionality. Contains. Chaga jun vinegar that is in itself an incredible tool of fortification with it’s negatively charged antioxidant action of superoxide dismutase, betulin, chitin and a magnificent mineral profile that is truly off the scale when it comes to nutrition and revered in many systems of herbalism around the world.


Infused with Mangosteen rind which contains over 35 incredible botanical compounds like Xanthones, Tannins, Flavonoids etc that have anti microbial , anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties that have been very well studied and documented.

Noni is another incredible super herb that is an amazing food known for it’s robust nature and ability to strengthen our immune system by acting as a modulator. it is multi faceted and is reported to be a tonic that can aid with conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression, heightened blood pressure, migraines and others. It can also help people who are suffering from the plague of addiction that causes so many problems in our culture through the presence of what is called xeronine which tends to mimick certain compounds that are contained in substances like Tobacco, cocaine and coffee. Xeronine is an important nutrient which tends to be lacking in the modern diet. By consuming Noni we can address this situation. One of xeronine’s functions is to allow better absorption of amino acids such as tryptophan which makes serotonin in the brain.

Also in this tonic is contained blue green algae which is used as a source of dietary protein, minerals and B vitamins. It is also used for weight loss, ADHD, Alergies, stress, PMS and other female health issues, Amongst other things.

If all that is not enough included is Patrick Flanagan’s Mega Hydrate. Used and added to the tonic as a preservative insurance, but also based upon studies is a powerful aid to longevity and life extension in and of itself. Comes with an extra 100 ml dark glass bottle for decanting.

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