Bee Royal! Chocolate from Raja Nature

Bee Royal!
Food of the Gods delivering Reishi Spore oil and Full Spectrum Bee Nutrition
A delicious blend of raw Balinese cacao and wild Siberian pine nuts. Sweetened with the most exquisite wild Ambrosia honey, traditionally coldpressed with the propolis and bee pollen still present. Together with Royal jelly you receive the full spectrum of bee
nutrition. This chocolate delivers you the most Royal of the Mushroom Kingdom. A powerful extract of Chaga, known as the King, and the pure spore oil of Reishi, known as the Queen and Mushroom of Immortality, are offered in this one of a kind chocolate. Bee Royal! chocolate bars and pyramids deliver Reishi spore oil along with other herbs with one daily serving per 15 grams of chocolate.

Ingredients: Cacaomass*, cacaobutter*, white mulberries* Spanish coldpressed Ambrosia honey with pollen and propolis*, pine nuts*, honey with royal jelly, pollen and propolis, wild Chaga mushroom extract powder, vanilla powder*, Reishi spore oil*. *BIO & Raw

Immortal Chocolate
Raw herbal chocolate is the ultimate way to enjoy chocolate to the fullest. The adaptogenic herbs can balance out the stimulating effects of the raw Balinese cacao while the cacao can synergistically help to deliver the nutrients from the herbs into the body.
Immortal Chocolate is made from the purest stoneground and coldpressed Balinese cacao. Cacao with her impressive amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is one of the most nutrient dense rich foods. By fermenting the cacao beans at low temperature and keeping the entire process from grinding and pressing the cacao to making the chocolate process raw and under 44 degrees, the valuable and heat sensitive nutrients in the heirloom Amazonian cacao are kept intact.

Immortal Chocolate is handmade from the finest raw, organic and wild ingredients and packaged in biodegradable materials.

Our raw herbal chocolate comes in two flavors: Chaga/Mulberry and Bee Royal!

Place of origin: Netherlands


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