This is me, Holly, in the (licensed) hemp fields in Devon, England summer 2014. This evening I have just enjoyed re-watching Dr Sanjay Gupta’s excellent documentary series on the development of medical marijuana, focused in the United States but also visiting GW pharmaceuticals, the producers of Sativex in Britain, in what looks like Wiltshire. We meet the handsome well educated clean cut Stanley brothers in Colorado who developed the strain Charlotte’s Web named after the little girl with epilepsy whom they helped. The various medical uses for cannabis are explored including the most common one – pain, also, MS, Alzheimers, PTSD, epilepsy, and helping patients cope with chemotherapy. It looks at the long term effects on the brain too, very different to the effects of high THC recreational strains.

Traditional, natural hemp in Britain,  had  lower THC levels than the strains in recreational use today. High CBD low THC strains are seeing a resurgence, for specific medical conditions and also general health.  Our CBD oil is made from hemp grown in our fields in Devon UK. We include our cbd oil as a regular part of our daily diet for general health and wellbeing.

Why do cannabinoids make such a profound difference to our health and wellbeing?

Cannabinoids are very similar to a group of chemicals in the human body which regulate the way the body runs and remains healthy. For historical reasons these endogenous (originating within) compounds have been named endocannabinoids. The reason is that they were studied in the cannabis plant before they were identified in the human body. Cannabinoids from the hemp plant latch onto the same receptors sites as the endocannabinoids produced in the human body, so create a similar effect and help regulate the bodily systems in a very beneficial way.

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