Food for Consciousness Book ~ signed copy


How you can regenerate and fuel your neural system with the natural nutrition you need for optimal functioning. Reclaim your mind from cultural conditioning and connect it to the ancient wisdom of the Earth. Nutrient-rich raw food nutrition that can be put into practice wherever you are. How herbs and supplements and lifestyle practices can be used to help you reach your full potential. A complete repertoire of over 100 delicious, easy, simple and quick raw vegetarian recipes that focus on the vital nutrients. The book explains why ultimately our DNA can once again be read to its full blueprint.

“This excellent book shows you how to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life – in every area.”

Brian Tracy – Author – Maximum Achievement

338 pages, over 100 raw food recipes, a  complete guide to raw nutrition and much more.

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Getting Back on Track of your True Peak Potential

“We are moving into a very different and profoundly preferable state of consciousness”



1. Origins ~ Your Unique Codes for Life
2. What on Earth’s going on ~ the Human Story
3. Getting Back on Track of your True Peak Potential
4. Eating the Biological Diet of our Species
5. Brain Biochemicals to Optimise Potential
6. Living in Beauty ~ Natural Lifestyle
7. Cleansing and Regenerating your Body Ecology
8. Reclaiming and Sustaining of your Mind
9. Our Hormonal Human Life Cycle
10. Recreating the Psychoactive Forest ~ in your Kitchen
11. Succeeding ~ Bring the Life Force back into your Life
12. Recipes.

References, Reading and Resources


“outstanding information” Mark, West Lothian

“I spent a lot of time with Holly Paige last year and her genius research and deep insights on neurochemistry, the brain and the ideal diet for human kind is amazing. Her book is a culmination of years of research and ‘walking her talk’. If you really want to ‘Be the Change’ and truly potentialise your life now and for future generations I recommend you read her new book…contains information that just totally explains why we are all living in a world that seems to be crazy – but we can do something about it.”
Gwyneth Robbins, Wells

The book is fantastic Holly, I really love the cover photo as well..
I like that you have included a lot of resources at the back, websites etc for further reading and suppliers.. Very useful.
Nicolette, London

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